Thomas C. Ashbeck, MNS

Vice President/Director of Biological Resources

Master of Science, Natural Sciences, Arizona State University
Bachelor of Science, Wildlife and Fisheries Science, University of Arizona

A wildlife and fisheries biologist, Mr. Ashbeck has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of wildlife, fisheries, and environmental resource studies. Mr. Ashbeck has been supervising field crew surveys, monitoring species, and collecting data for EcoPlan in the Sonoran and Mohave deserts and other biotic communities in the Southwest for over 15 years. His responsibilities include staff recruitment, biology task management/coordination, personnel supervision, technical editing and report reviews, project proposal and cost preparation, technical writing and research, field surveys, construction monitoring, and field sampling. His field experience includes federally listed and sensitive species—Northern goshawk, roundtail chub, Pima pineapple cactus, Mexican spotted owl, Southwestern willow flycatcher, desert tortoise, and others. He has participated in salvage operations for native plants and in the collection, identification, and relocation of fish prior to the initiation of construction activities. Mr. Ashbeck has researched and prepared hundreds of biological assessments in compliance with the Endangered Species Act, assisted agencies with Section 7 consultation, conducted wetland and jurisdictional delineations for transportation projects, and provided Categorical Exclusions and Biological Evaluations for many other projects.



Leslie J. Stafford

Director of Environmental Planning

Director, Environmental Planning Group
Bachelor of Science, Physical Geography, Arizona State University

Ms. Stafford, an environmental planner and compliance specialist with more than 30 years of experience, has specialized in environmental assessment and documentation, land use and master planning, site selection, and feasibility analysis. She is highly experienced in managing multi-disciplinary projects for a wide range of proposals, including highways, airports, military training operations, industrial development, mines, mixed-use developments, power-generating facilities, and high-voltage transmission lines. She has completed more than 75 Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. Ms. Stafford has been responsible for the preparation of numerous applications for Clean Water Act Section 404 permits and Section 401 water quality certifications. For EcoPlan, she serves as the technical lead for the environmental planning team, providing guidance and training to other professional personnel. Through her wide-ranging experience, she has developed an ability to work effectively with agencies and concerned members of the public and has extensive experience in the public involvement process. Her formal training includes fluvial geomorphology, cartography, and aerial photo interpretation.