About Us

EcoPlan Associates, Inc., is a professional environmental consulting firm specializing in environmental planning, resource economics, and the management of natural and cultural resources. Founded in 1991, our staff includes environmental planners, biologists, ecologists, archaeologists, geologists, public and architectural historians, and preservation planners.

Our highly effective skills in project management, agency coordination and consultation, public involvement, and problem resolution are used to analyze and coordinate complex, diverse, and controversial projects. We keep abreast of ever-changing environmental laws and regulations, environmental and scientific literature, and state-of-the-art analytical and field techniques. EcoPlan Associates, Inc., offers a cost-effective approach to environmental compliance and resource planning. We are devoted to maintaining client satisfaction while providing technical excellence.



George A. Ruffner, PhD
Terrestrial Ecologist

F. Bruce Brown
Resource Economist

William E. Davis
Fisheries and Water Quality Biologist

Ron van Ommeren
Senior Environmental Planner

Primary Services

A major component of work at EcoPlan Associates, Inc., involves compliance with federal and state environmental laws and regulations, including the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Clean Air Act. We assist clients in all phases of these efforts with baseline field surveys and impact analyses, literature reviews, environmental and scientific documentation, public involvement, agency consultation, mitigation development, permitting, and construction monitoring.

Our work experience ranges from single-topic specialty studies to large multidisciplinary projects involving the coordination of numerous environmental and resource considerations.

EcoPlan provides ongoing services to a number of agencies through environmental on-call contracts and holds a General Services Administration (GSA) contract for Special Item Number 899-1: Environmental Planning Services & Documentation.

EcoPlan is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, with satellite offices in Tucson and Prescott and Casa Grande, Arizona.

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