environmental planning services

EcoPlan’s environmental planning professionals lead teams of in-house specialists to incorporate associated laws and regulations (for example, the National Historic Preservation Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act) into the NEPA process and consider the resources they are designed to protect. Our environmental planners also coordinate with outside teams, project proponents, and their designers to develop effective yet technically and fiscally feasible mitigation measures to minimize impacts on sensitive resources.

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Our research assignments include but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Environmental Impact Statements

  • Categorical Exclusions

  • Environmental reevaluations

  • Mitigation monitoring

  • Public involvement

  • Environmental Justice/Title VI assessments

  • U.S. Department of Transportation Section 4(f) analysis

  • Agency consultation

  • Hazardous Materials Site Assessments

  • Siting studies


San Carlos Irrigation Project Facilities Rehabilitation Phase II EA

EcoPlan was awarded a contract by the Bureau of Reclamation to complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Phase 2 rehabilitation of San Carlos Irrigation Project facilities. The alternative initially preferred by the engineering design team would have adversely effected several federally listed species and other species of concern due to the need to interrupt irrigation releases from Coolidge Dam to the Gila River for extended periods of time during construction. EcoPlan participated in monthly team meetings, collaborated with project engineers, and a formed a biology working group with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Arizona Game and Fish Department.

A Preliminary Draft EIS was completed by EcoPlan, which addressed impacts on several resources, including natural and cultural resources, air quality, wildlife, noise, and water quality. Subsequently, Reclamation determined that an EA would be appropriate for the project. EcoPlan prepared the draft and final Environmental Assessment and a Finding of No Significant Impact was signed by the Bureau of Reclamation in August 2017.