cultural resources services

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EcoPlan’s cultural resources staff has extensive field, laboratory, and regulatory experience. These specialists are well versed in cultural resources compliance and trained in technological applications in archaeology, such as  Ground Penetrating Radar, integration of precision Global Positioning, and Geographic Information Systems. Our cultural resources group is fully equipped to manage a full range of archaeological and historic preservation services and are experienced in producing high-quality technical reports to meet regulatory local, state, and federal agency guidelines. Permitting is often issued on a project specific basis. EcoPlan currently holds numerous National Forest, Tribal, and federal and state agency permits and has the experience, key personnel, and qualifications to meet or exceed most permitting requirements. Please contact us for additional information.

Our cultural resource assignments include but are not limited to:

  • Archival research and literature review

  • Class I and Class III archaeological inventory

  • Research design development and implementation

  • Archaeological testing and data recovery excavation

  • Construction monitoring and training

  • Artifact analyses (ceramic, stone, faunal, and historic artifacts)

  • Human osteology and paleopathology studies

  • Oral history and ethnographic documentation

  • National Register of Historic Places eligibility assessments and nomination document preparation

  • Section 106 and Native American consultation assistance

  • U.S. Department of Transportation Section 4(f) alternative analysis

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are among the most valuable types of artifacts that archaeologists can find and are often used to determine when sites were occupied.

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Onaqui Complex Fire Project

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Cultural Resources Management Services

EcoPlan has been awarded this five-year contract with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to conduct cultural resource inventories, research, and report production prior to the implementation of federal- and state-led habitat restoration projects proposed as part of the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative. Since 2017, EcoPlan completed nearly 60,000 acres of surveys, primarily on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands, throughout the state. This has entailed eight large-scale surveys, including over 13,000 acres in Onaqui in the BLM’s Canyon Country District (see photo featured left). EcoPlan was able to meet the challenges of this project, which included large-scale surveys commissioned shortly after the fire season, requiring close coordination and mobilization of large field crews in remote areas, rapid coordination with the State Historic Preservation Office regarding site avoidance requirements, and expedient report preparation to allow restoration/reclamation activities to take place prior to fall/winter snowfall.